Event Date Location Link
1st, 2nd July Royal Norfolk Show http://royalnorfolkshow.rnaa.org.uk/
1st 2nd July Omagh, \County Tyrone, Northern Ireland http://www.tyronefarmingsociety.co.uk/#
Sat 9th July Liskeard, Cornwall http://www.liskeardshow.org/
Sat 9th July Tendring, Essex https://www.tendringshow.co.uk/
12th 13th 14th July Royal Showground, Yorkshire http://greatyorkshireshow.co.uk/
16th July Castlewellan, Northern Ireland http://www.castlewellanshow.com/index.asp
21st 22nd 23rd July Missina Showcase of Champions http://www.showcaseofchampions.co.uk/
24th July Aldeborough and Burrowbridge http://www.boroughbridgeshow.co.uk/
27th July Cardigan, Wales http://cardigancountyshow.org.uk/
26th 27th 28th July New Forest Showground http://www.newforestshow.co.uk/
29th 30th July Border Union, Kelso http://www.buas.org/show/
30th 31st July Heckington Show http://www.heckingtonshow.org.uk/