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May 2018 donkey diary

May starts with the Southern Eastern donkey show which takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, May 7th. A lovely friendly show with just donkey classes open to all donkey owners. Classes range from the fun to the serious. The venue is Merrist Wood College, Guildford which has lovely facilities. Spectators are welcome and refreshments are available


Our Golden Jubilee and the Lord Mayor’s Show

As many of you know 2017 is the Golden Jubilee Year for the Donkey Breed Society. Originally formed as the Donkey Show Society in 1967, it was renamed as the Donkey Breed Society and granted charitable status in 1970. The first Society president was Reginald Summerhays who was highly esteemed in the equine world.

To celebrate our Silver Jubilee in 1992 members took part in the Lord Mayor’s Show in the city of London and following this tradition we again attended the Lord Mayor’s show to celebrate our Golden Jubilee in November of this year.

For over 800 years the Lord Mayor of London has made his or her way from the City to distant Westminster to swear loyalty to the crown. Over the centuries this procession grew into the riotous medieval pageant know to all as the Lord Mayor’s Show, the first outside event ever to be televised and still the oldest and greatest civic procession in the world.

One of our members kindly took the time to set up a great website link detailing the background to each parade participant

Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed the day and thanks must go to Carole Travell for organising and all the donkey owners and helpers who helped during the parade. Twenty three donkeys with assorted carts, drivers, riders and grooms took part in the parade. It was wonderful to see, amazingly well organised and very well received.

The aims of the Donkey Breed Society are:-

• To preserve and improve the standard of Donkeys in general by breeding and to encourage the use, appreciation, well-being and protection of the Donkey by the general public and members of the society

• To promote public education in the various arts and sciences in connection with the donkey and the use, appreciation, care and management thereof

• To prevent cruelty to the Donkey and to help, including the option to provide financial assistance, and cooperate with people and societies who provide for the care and protection of the Donkey in need thereof by reason of sickness, maltreatment, neglect, lack of knowledge, poor circumstances or other similar causes

• To promote and finance research into matters relating to the Donkey and the publication of the results thereof

Please visit our website for further information and to find out how to join

DBS Stud Book inspections

The Donkey Breed Society is planning a series of inspections for donkeys of four years and over with pedigrees that meet the relevant criteria, and which are currently registered as either Pedigree Progeny or Improving Register 3.

Please contact the Registrar