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Webster Walks – in memory of a beloved donkey

Webster himself, relaxing

Webster himself, relaxing

The Webster fund was started in 2007 following the untimely death at the age of 22 of a donkey known as Webster.  He was lovable and gentle and one of a group of donkeys involved in both a RDA group and a small club for youngsters with additional needs from two local special schools.

Webster was not the most forward donkey to drive as a single but in tandem as the wheeler is was a joy to drive.  He was also driven in a pair and as a team.  He was also ridden and spent two years on loan to an RDA group in Berkshire where he took additional needs young adults for rides in a cart specially adapted for a wheelchair.

A donation of £50 was made by this group to start a fund in memory of Webster and this has become an annual event starting with a walk starting with Websters friend’s and his sister Teazel and a few visiting donkeys on a single walk in 2008.  In 2014 the DBS regions were invited to organise their own walks and this has continued every year since.

Each year a group club or individual who uses their donkey for therapeutic work with children or young adults is chosen to be the recipient of whatever monies are raised on the Webster Walks.

Donations have been made as far afield as Ethiopia, Spain and Israel as well as the UK and to date these have amounted to more than 11,000 pounds.

All of this in memory of a beloved donkey who gave so much pleasure to so many people.  He was born two weeks early to a rescued mare and from that moment became part of our lives and through the Webster Walks is never forgotten.