The Donkey Breed Society, a society formed in 1967 and registered as a charity in 1975.

The society works for donkeys everywhere and encourages friendship and the sharing of information related to donkeys.  If also offers advice, encouragement, training and activities for donkey owners or people interested in donkeys.

Membership of the society starts from £10 per year for a junior, £15 for a student,  £25 for an adult, £40 for joint and £50 for a family.  A joining fee of £2 is payable and a discount is offered for a 4 year membership term.

The Donkey magazine is an annual publication, Bray Talk is published three times a year and leaflets and books on almost any donkey related subject are also available.  The society is active on social media and information on donkeys worldwide can be found.

If you own a donkey, want to own a donkey or just like donkeys the Donkey Breed Society is the place to be.  You can chat with like minded people and find out where to go with your donkeys or to see donkeys in the UK.

A regular program of agricultural and county shows hold DBS affiliated show classes where members can show their donkeys in hand, ridden (juniors only) or driven and an annual championship show takes place in August of each year.

In addition other events are held throughout the year, from training days, donkey get together days and activity days to get donkey folk together.  Regular events such as parades and charity events also take place and these are advertised through social media and the Donkey Breed Society website http://www.donkeybreedsociety.co.uk/home.html

If you have any questions you can contact the Donkey Breed Society via Twitter @DonkeyBreedS, FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Donkey-Breed-Society/1565360913684872 or Email enquiries@donkeybreedsociety.co.uk

reasons to join 2  oct 20141 reasons to join 2  oct 2014



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